Sussex - Buff


We are not a large scale commercial hatchery.

We are about animal health and welfare, with a background of over 25 years in the veterinary industry. We do not, and will not, abuse or mistreat or overstock our birds. Our intention is to provide our customers, your family, with healthy happy pets who just happen to lay delicious eggs too.

We have several pure breeds, regular and bantams, with some colour variants as well as the commercial hybrid hens renowned for their prolific egg laying abilities.  Decide for yourself which breed, colour and size; small or large, red, white, blue, brown, black or any form of fancy you prefer and what age chicken would suit you best and we will do our utmost to help.

Animal Health and Welfare is important to us. All of our chickens are vaccinated, wormed and fed high quality, age appropriate feeds.  They have access to fresh running water, deep litter, perches, dust baths, dark and quiet nest boxes, and are regularly provided with meaningful environmental enrichment.  Come and see for yourself our free range paddocks and purpose built, clean and light and airy facility.